It was my long wish to attend an International Conference in technical subject and to meet some renowned speakers. That dream came true by attending OSI Days Conference 2010 which was held in Chennai Trade Centre (CTC), Sep 19th – Sep 21st 2010.

It was also my first trip to a metropolitan city, Chennai. We (I &  Our project Leader – Rajeesh. V )  reached chennai on Sep 19th early morning and got accommodation with the help of my new friend Hari. K. T (@harikt ), who is also from Kerala. After having a quick breakfast we headed towards the CTC at Nandambakkam. Even though Traffic is 10x times that of Kochi, there is no much traffic congestion. We used electic train and Auto to reach our destination. On the way I saw different types of buses plying  – 1st time seeing a train like bus 🙂

CTC is a Beautiful spacious Conference Hall. We were amazed by its size.

CTC reception hall was huge. We registered and we got writing pad, tag etc for attending the meet. We did Online purchase of Gold Ticket before 1 month, which  cost around Rs: 2000/- each. When we looked the Tag , I was little bit disappointed… No name printed on it. 🙁  [ Thought our name will be printed in Gold letters since we purchased Gold Ticket 😉 ]

Day 1 :

First I attended "The most unknown parts of PHPUnit " Session by Bastian Feder. By attending that session I understood how PHPUnit works. At the same time there was another session by Prajwala Manchikatla on Drupal. She is an expert in Drupal. Then I attended Citizen Journalism on Drupal by Markus Franz : He was telling how Drupal helped them for making Citizen Journalism.

How to run hundreds of Drupal Sites by Dave Hall was an interesting session for me. Even-though I am a beginner in Drupal, I understood that session because of  my experiment with Drupal. After that we had a gr8 lunch. 🙂  During Lunch time I made new friends also met some tech twitter friends. After Lunch I was busy looking for some of my twitter friends from Pune – Developers of PHPCamp . At last I met those gr8 team – @savitas , @iNisa , @onlyPHP – the boss behind PHPCamp 😉 . I reached cloud nine by meeting these PHP, Joomla tech team from Pune. [ Now I think these people are on WordPress plugin experiments. ]

After noon session was with Fabien Potencier to know more about the Symfony2. The mic was so poor that sometimes the voice wasn't audible. Also in his slides the blue color was not visible for me. Next I attended the Facebook session done by David Recordon – Senior Open Programs Manager at Facebook.

When other speakers came in suits, it was interesting to see him in casual dress. It was an interesting session for me, because I use facebook regularity and I was eager to know the technology behind it. Next I attended Introduction to Kaltura by Jason Levitt . He was a tall tech guy, and did a good presentation on Kaltura's All-in-One Video Module. What's new in Drupal 7 theming session by by Marek Sotak who builded the root candy Drupal admin theme, was a wonderful session. He presented the new theming changes in the coming Drupal version.

Day 2 :

Jonathan Gray introduced Hadoop , HBase and Hive in Facebook . He also talked about the open-source plans in facebook . Next session that I attended was Writing beautiful documentation with phpDocumentor by Bastian Feder. He introduced us the documentation process with phpDocumentor.

Then we had delicious lunch and met many malayalee friends who were attending this conference.

Next I attended session by Kevin Schroeder, Technology Evangelist for Zend Technologies – Using Zend Server to run your PHP applications.  I enjoyed his session, first time meeting a technology expert from largest commercial company of PHP – Zend Technologies.

Next presentation that I attended was Harnessing CSS3 for a Beautiful Web done by Gaurav Mishra. He quickly took us to the world of css3 designs. Next session was the most interesting session on Day 2: PHP 5.3, a walkthrough by David Coallier – David is a well known contributor to the international PHP community. He has previously contributed to the PHP Core and PHP Security Groups, and is currently President of the PHP PEAR Group. He was an active person and many of the slides and  his presentation was awesome. Next interesting session was done by Prajwala Manchikatla – Core concepts of worlds most misunderstood language(Javascript). 

During night time after the conference, we went for shopping at T-Nagar.

Day 3 :

Most Interesting session on 3rd day was done by an Indian speaker – Sonali Minocha and her session was  MySQL performace tuning , top 10 tips. I was amazed by her knowledge of MySQL. Sonali is Asia’s first Woman Certified MySQL DBA and India’s first MySQL authorized instructor. OSSCube company is a lucky company to have her as their employee. I wish to take MySQL certification by attending her MySQL training.

Feed Back :

I appreciate the effort done by OSI people for conducting this great conference. I was little bit disappointed because there was no speakers from Joomla CMS.